20 August 2010

John Cougar Mellencamp - KBFH ??/??/??

John Cougar - Boston KBFH
[that's all info on cassette]

No clue what date performed or aired.
No clue on the setlist

If you know what you are doing feel free to split tracks & label.

Even make us some artwork...........

Dino AKA Tunz Master

FM> Cassette> WAV> FLAC 8
This is one 23:26 minute track.

Please email me tracklist if you know so I can fix file.

I was just emailed this: 
 "Hello TunzMaster,

I noticed that you posted a John Cougar Mellancamp show
today that you had no info on.

I downloaded it, gave it a quick listen, and here is what I
can tell you:

Recorded at the Channel Club in Boston MA, broadcast
on the King Biscuit Flower Hour on KBFH.  I'm guessing
it was sometime in 1980 as John mentions and plays a
song from his 'new' album "Nothing Matters And What If
It Did" (which came out in 1980).

Tracks :

01 Sugar Marie
02 Ain't Even Done With The Night
03 This Time
04 Taxi Dancer
05 I Need A Lover

Thanks Joe

no covers
FLAC 8/ 143mb


password: bootlegtunzworld

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