11 August 2010

The Moody Blues - Washington State Fair 1992

The Moody Blues
Washington State Fair
September 25th, 1992

Early Show

1. Lovely To See You Again
2. Tuesday Afternoon
3. Somewhere
4. Lean On Me Tonight
5. Say It With Love
6. Listen To The Tide
7. Once Upon A Time
8. Isn't Life Strange
9. The Other Side Of Life
10. Rock 'n' Roll Band
11. Nights In White Satin
12. Legend Of A Mind
13. Question
14. Ride My Seesaw

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1 comment:

Normski said...

This is a very nice Moodies concert, Thanks very much.

'Mr Accuracy head' here, Track 3 is 'I Know You're Out There Somewhere' and track 6. is 'The Story In Your Eyes'