30 October 2010

Elton John & Leon Russell - Concert At Roundhouse 10.28.2010

Elton John and Leon Russell
Concert at Roundhouse
London, England October 28, 2010

Burn Down The Mission 
(Elton John solo)
(Elton John solo)
Tiny Dancer 
(Elton John solo)
Ballad Of A Well Known Gun 
(Elton John solo)
I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues 
(Elton John solo)
Delta Lady 
(Leon Russell solo)
A Song For You 
(Leon Russell solo)
This Masquerade 
(Leon Russell solo)
If It Wasn't For Bad 
Eight Hundred Dollar Shoes 
Hey Ahab 
Gone to Shiloh 
Jimmy Rogers Dream 
There's No Tomorrow 
Monkey Suit 
The Best Part of the Day 
A Dream Come True 
I Should Have Sent Roses 
When Love is Dying 
Hearts Have Turned to Stone 
Never Too Old (To Hold Somebody) 
The Hands of Angels 
(Leon Russell solo)
Prince of Peace/Out In The Woods 
(Leon Russell solo)
Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms 
(Leon Russell solo)
Stranger In A Strange Land 
(Leon Russell solo)
Your Song 
(Elton John solo)
Take Me To The Pilot 
(Elton John solo)
Sad Songs Say So Much 
(Elton John solo)
The Bitch Is Back 
(Elton John solo)

Hey Ahab

no covers


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Normski said...

Awesome awesome awesome. Fantastic job and fab gig. Watched it last night on UK TV.
Gonna stick my neck out and say thanks to Staffie, and Dino of course.

Folks you need this it is that good. Especially you Speedy!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic show. If got a tip for everyone. You can divide this up with all of the Union tracks (+ Your song) on one cd and all of the Elton and Leon solo material will fit on the other (except for Your Song). I like it that way so that the Union tracks are not broken up.

Adam Dean said...

Thanks for this! What a great show this was. Two of the best piano men in modern times.

orlando said...

Thank you so much. This one is brilliant. Really, an authentic gem.