23 October 2010

Prince - Small Club 1988


covers included
FLAC & MP3 @ 320K



password: bootlegtunzworld


Mark Edward Lee said...

WOW, how great is this!
My birthday & X-mas gift all in one.
I Thank You!!
...cheers, MARK

Sean said...

10/10 for performance and sound quality. Yeah, I'd agree that it's pretty great! Thanks

Anonymous said...

"Zappa" is one word that comes to my mind when listening to Prince's extended solos here, and Sheila E sounds like she could kick just about any male drummer's ass. I'm probably as guilty as anyone of underrating Prince's musical abilities but this boot has changed my opinion. Many thanks for this share.

jabs1960 said...

I have always considered PRINCE a musical genius, and include him in my five superior musical genius'...the other four being: ZAPPA, BOWIE, GABRIEL, and BOB MARLEY! Thanks for sharing.

Paul said...


Thanks for this post. Unbelievable sound quality and the music aint too shabby.

candsbowden said...

Thank you for making this available. I had this on 2 cassettes from over 20 years ago, and was about to make a cd from it. But I knew the quality would not be so good, so I'd been putting it off.

This is great quality, and great material... songs played like on no other recording I've ever heard from him. I love how "real" he sounds, talking to the audience. He really is a true musician, and a genius in my opinion. How anyone can listen to this and other stuff I've been able to download from here can say otherwise is beyond my ability to comprehend!

Anonymous said...

Superb boot,blows your brain away!
Sound quality is 10/10 !!!
Love it!!

Anonymous said...

I got this boot in the early 90's via a trade on cassette, incomplete, then on vinyl, but I didn't have a turntable! I moved on to CD then, still have the record box set, its awesome then in the mid to late 90's I got this Bootleg - Small Club, finally I could here the show complete, the taper was lazy, anyway, as a fan of Prince's hardcore for 25+ years, this album blew my mind.

The sound quality, stellar. The artwork, period correct and not over the top fan cheese, but the music... my favorite is the extended heartwrenching solo on Just Imagination, truly, Ive never heard Prince do a better guitar solo.

You see, at the time Prince was very inspired spiritually, NOT religiously, he was on some high, so his performances were very, very inpsired. His band was also a group of his peers, they knew Prince's musical vibe, language and could compliment it so well.

The bands name at the time was unnofficially known as "The Lovesexy Band", which was actually the band that Prince toured with from the Sign O The Times era through Lovesexy. Consisting of of course - Sheila E., Matt "Dr. Fink" synths, horn section of Eric Leeds - sax and Atlanta Bliss on trumpet and bass Levi Seacer Jr and Miko Weaver on rhythm guitar.

Fans consider this the most coveted recording of Prince's career, one Prince himself, tries all the time after his Warner Brothers years to recapture.

And to an extent, Prince uses this as a carrot to lure in fans to setup, purposely, "aftershows" that are promoted with fans holding on to hope it will be as magical as Small Club. Hasn't happened since!

Nowadays, 2011, Prince's band consists of mostly hired hands, only generally familiar, due to being hired, his music and musical language, thus, competent but unispired performances.

Prince is also now a hardcore Jehovah Witness, which stripped him of his creative mojo.

So anyone who had a passing interest in Prince, I recommend you take that into regard because Prince for the last 10, 15 or years has nothing on THIS Prince.

There is a clear contrast, he lost the mojo, he's not the genius he once was, what you hear in Small Club was a Prince that THEN was pure magic and genius. The guy was incredible.

This was a recording at the time that I and many another fan I'm sure used to say if only the general public would here this! Look up ANY concert from say, Controversy through Act II (93) and you'll see a Prince that was incredible all around.

spaic said...

This is what I've been looking for in ages... thank you sooooo much