28 October 2010

Robin Trower - Redondo Beach, CA 1990

Robin Trower
The Strand 
Redondo Beach, California
March 1990 
Westwood One In Concert
FM Broadcast

1. Too Rolling Stoned/Rock Me Baby
2. Day Of The Eagle/Bridge Of Sighs
3. Tear It Up
4. It’s A Natural Fact

Runtime - 37 Minutes 55 Seconds

Robin Trower - Guitar
Davey Pattison - Vocals
Pete Thompson - Drums
?  - Bass

no covers


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Trower!!

Tunz Master said...

welcome :)

greyrocker said...

Wow! What a treasure trove of great music!
I've just discovered you, but I can see this blog in my bookmarks for a daily visit, no problem.

Thank you for sharing!