09 November 2010

Camel - Live In London 1974

Live In London

Source : FM Broadcast

Tracklisting :  
The White Rider
Liggin At Louie´s 
Lady Fantasy

front cover only
mp3/vbr -v0/54mb


password: bootlegtunzworld


Michael said...

This is the original artwork of the Camel bootlegs Stockholm, 1984-05-28!

I have already written you once already because of an inappropriate change in my artwork. See: # http://pink-camel.de.tl/artworks.htm Rotterdam_2003-10-19

Let it be!

The reference page for Camel fans!

Tunz Master said...

and I have told you already.......ALL WE DO IS POST WHAT'S BEEN SENT IN!

Jesus Christ, what u think u own this music. get a grip.

You should be grateful fans are sharing & listening to Camels music, not fucking complaining about something so fucking stupid as the artwork.

can you listen to the artwork thru your speakers? then who gives a damn.

Pink-Camel said...

I must say that you have basically no idea of bootlegs.
This includes not only the aural experience. Almost all fans are happy about original artwork and it annoys even if the artworks are taking any other spinner Camel shows and the fake. I have already asked to delete a designed by me artwork. One question I would like to have answered now fundamentally and seriously, why should be made in future artworks to Camel bootlegs, if the surface again as a fake?
Why should one make this work yet then?

Tunz Master said...

good god man.....who gives a damn? you don't own the fucking music & there is no law on what artwork I can or can't use on a post. leave me the fuck alone already.

I've got well over 2,700 bootlegs posted and don't give a damn about this fucking camel bootleg.

get a life & work on your site & leave us alone please