05 November 2010

Gentle Giant - Ultrasonic Studios 1975

Gentle Giant
Ultrasonic Studios
October 7th 1975

01 Cogs in Cogs 
02 Proclamation 
03 Funny Way
04 The Runaway / Experience 
05 Octpus Medley 
(The Boys In The Band, Dog's Life, Knots, The Advent Of Panurge) 
06 So Sincere
07 Free Hand
08 Just The Same

front cover only


password: bootlegtunzworld


Greg said...

These guys are definitely one of my old time favorites. I’ll never forget trying to learn the bass part to “cogs in cogs” and getting so frustrated with it I almost threw my bass through the window. Ah… the good old days! :-) Thanks much for sharing this.

jabs1960 said...

Thank-you so much!!! It is always a very welcome surprise to see some Gentle Giant posted, as they are among the rarer groups circulating these days. Very happy to have thisw! Thanks for sharing.