16 December 2010

The Best - Yokohama Japan 1990

The Best
September 26, 1990 
Yokohama Arena
Yokohama, Japan

soundboard (TV broadcast)

01. Seven Bridges Road / Life In the Fast Lane
02. My Wife
03. Bodhisattva
04. Fanfare For the Common Man
05. Rikki Don't Lose My Number
06. Simon drum solo
07. Rocky Mountain Way
08. Too Late the Hero
09. America / Look At Us Now
10. Boris the Spider
11. Reelin' In the Years
12. Takin' It To the Streets

John Entwistle - bass
Jeff "Skunk" Baxter - guitar
Joe Walsh - guitar
Keith Emerson - keys
Simon Phillips - drums

Rick Livingstone - vocals
Hamish Richardson - backing vocals
Angus Richardson - backing vocals
Fergus Richardson - backing vocals

     This is a superstar lineup of the band known as "The Best". Shot at the Yokohama Arena in 1990 and broadcast on Japanese Satellite, this is an awesome show of approximately 90 minutes featuring some of the greatest tunes of each respective artist as chosen by the other performers as their favorites. 

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Normski said...

Man, that looks very interesting indeed. Going to get this and give it a spin.

Fab line up. Do the sum of the parts make the whole? Lets see.

Nomisnohj said...

Hi.Being a huge ELP fan this is a must, althouth I've not even heard of it before. thanks for putting it out there.Simon.

Tunz Master said...

I had never heard of it either, but I must admit it is pretty flipping good stuff :) enjoy

Anonymous said...

Lots of fun, thanks

Normski said...

Just starting my first proper listen. Have to say I am really enjoying what I'm hearing.
Fantastic to hear Skunk Baxter playing some of the Steely Dan tunes he played such a big part in first time around.
Sound quality is very damned good too.
Grab this folks. And leave a comment too.

Normski said...

Just for the pernickety out there.

Track 5 is "Rikki Dont Lose THAT Number"

Track 9 could be pinned more accurately as "Creole Dance/America/Look At Us Now". I remember Emmo playing Creole Dance on the 1992 ELP world tour. Although it was a bit more polished then.

censusloss said...

hope you both had a great xmas and THANKS BIG TIMES for this joe walsh show - i had written in b4 gagging for more jw[who i don't even like much in the studio but is AWESOME live] i made a small donation to the cause around xmas and today find THIS!!!!!!no causal connection at all it may be you read my alpha or whatever waves ....

Please.. I know you don't do this for the money, but take this note as a permanent request for more jw and maybe the gratitude fairy may be flying around soon

Hey..thanks too for the recent mccarthy post i know its going to be good


graham c

greyrocker said...

Stellar line-up!
Didn't know about this, so a big 'Thank You' for sharing it!