01 December 2010

Freddie King Sextett - Hamburg 10.19.1975

Freddie King Sextett
Hamburg, Germany
Onkel P's Carnegie Hall

01 Introduction (Freddie King)
02 Big Leg Woman (Freddie King)
03 The Moon Is Rising (Jimmy Reed)
04 Woman Across The River (Leon Russell)
05 Boogie Funk (Freddie King)
06 56th And Wichita (Freddie King)
07 Feelin' Alright (Dave Mason)
08 Mojo Boogie (trad.)
09 Have You Ever Loved A Woman (trad.)
10 Rock Me Baby (B.B. King)
11 Something You Got (Alvin Robinson)
12 Messin' With The Kid (Melvin London)
13 Sweet Home Chicago (Roosevelt Sykes)
14 You're The One (Champion Jack Dupree)
15 Woke Up This Morning (B.B. King)
16 Ain't Nobody's Business (Jimmy Witherpoon)
17 Kings Thing (Freddie King)
18 Going Down (Leon Russell)
19 The Things That I Used To Do (Eddie Jones)
20 Let The Good Times Roll (Sam Theard)
21 Stormy Monday (T-Bone Walker)

Freddie King (g,voc)
Ed Lively (Rhythm g)
Alvin Hemphill (org)
Louis Stephens (p)
Benny Turner (b)
Caleb Emphrey (dr)

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no covers
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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! This is the best Freddie King recording I've ever heard. Get this if you dig the blues cuz it's a barn burner! Goddamn I want some Boogie Funk and a Big Leg Woman to go with it. Hell ya! Peace and love from drwatts.