20 December 2010

Spooky Tooth - Essen, Germany 10.09.1969

covers included


password: bootlegtunzworld


Anonymous said...

Absolutely LOVE your blog -- but, any chance of offering this one in FLAC??

Tunz Master said...

sorry I only have it in mp3. when I have something in FLAC it'll get posted for y'all

Anonymous said...

Flac...Mp3....Doesn't Matter...This Is A Hard To Find Gem!....Thanks Tunz Master

Tunz Master said...

i'm pretty sure sir staffie sent this gem in. thanks goes to him. I'm just a middle man sometimes :)

scousemike said...

Hi Dino my friend, Magnificent! Just to get a Spooky boot is something. Brilliant quality for 1969 too! Many many thanks.