11 December 2010

Toy Caldwell - The Sting: New Britain CT 1993

Toy in '74

          Toy Caldwell, the creative genius behind the original Marshall Tucker Band, playing one of his last shows prior to his death.. This is a Radio Broadcast from WHCN 106 in Hartford, Ct broadcast the night Toy died. It's a show which took place a couple of weeks earlier in New Britain, Ct, where Toy opened for The Outlaws.

Toy Caldwell
The Sting
New Britain, CT

FM Broadcast


01 - Radio DJ Intro
02 - Bop Away My Blues
03 - This Old Cowboy
04 - I Hear The South Calling Me
05 - Desert Sky
06 - Blue Ridge Mountain Sky
07 - Midnight Promises
08 - Searching For A Rainbow
09 - Heard It In A Love Song

Band members:
  Toy Caldwell - Lead Guitar and Vocals
  Tony Heatherly - Bass
 "Pick" Pickens - Guitar
  Mark Burrell - Drums
  Kenny Smith - Keyboards

no covers
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peskypesky said...

I'm not familiar with Toy Caldwell, and I probably have only heard a couple of Marshall Tucker songs back in the day....but I'm definitely looking forward to hearing this. I've just finished track one and am very impressed. The dude could play guitar!

Tunz Master said...

I was in the same boat u were. But I am enjoying this now :)

peskypesky said...

well, after listening to it and really enjoying it, i grabbed a couple of Marshall Tucker shows, and am really liking them too. Who knew i was such a southern rock fan? lol