29 January 2011

Marshall Tucker Band - Long Island, NY 04.01.1980

Marshall Tucker Band
Nassau Coliseum
Long Island, NY
April 1, 1980

FM Broadcast


Disc 01:
101. Running Like the Wind
102. Last of the Singing Cowboys
103. It Takes Time
104. Cattle Drive
105. See You One More Time
106. Sing My Blues
107. Take the Highway
108. Heard It In a Love Song

Disc 02:
201. Ramblin'
202. Fire On the Mountain
203. In My Own Way
204. Desert Skies
205. 24 Hours at a Time
206. Can't You See
207. Searchin' For a Rainbow
208. This Ol Cowboy (Doug vocals)

Marshall Tucker Band:

Toy Caldwell - Guitar, Vocals
Tommy Caldwell - Bass, Background Vocals
Doug Gray - Vocals, Percussion
George McCorkle - Guitar
Jerry Eubanks - Flute, Saxophone
Paul T. Riddle - Drums

This was the Tommy caldwell's last show with the band, and by proxy 
is the final show of the original Marshall Tucker Band. Here's what
http://www.tuckerhead.com says about the show:

"The last performance of the original line-up. It aired live on 
W-LIR in conjunction with the King Biscuit Flower Hour. Fortunately, 
a few fans taped it that night because King Biscuit taped over all 
but 9 songs on their master tape - so this show, in it's entirety,  
is lost forever... except on a few old cassette tapes.  Luckily, 
the tapes that were recorded live that night on the radio sound 
better (in my opinion) than the show King Biscuit later aired (of 
the 9 songs) as a tribute to Tommy (which a few folks have found 
on LP).  The LP sounds very sterile (because the audience noise was 
filtered out after the first few seconds of each song). The radio 
tapes are incredible and capture MTB at their zenith - and you can 
feel it on the tape!"

This is the complete show.

no covers
FLAC & MP3 @ 320K



password: bootlegtunzworld

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