07 January 2011

Paul Rodgers & Slash - A Tribute To Woodstock 1994

covers included



password: bootlegtunzworld


Anonymous said...

and thanks for everything you do!

Bute, this password doesn't work this time, snif!


Anonymous said...

looking for the right password please
andy r

Tunz Master said...

I just downloaded & opened this without any issues.

password is defaulted in win/rar so it will not change.

sometimes when there is a slight glitch while downloading it screws the file up.

re-download this and try again is all i can say.

Anonymous said...

There is a spelling mistake in the password, just use any other files password and it works fine

Anonymous said...

Move back and look with a wider angle...Check the other posts... The pass is.. bootlegtunzworld

Anonymous said...

Hello to you Tunz Master, just wanted to add that your password bootlegtunzword needs an "l" at the end to make it bootlegtunzworld...

Tunz Master said...

oops, fixed it. sorry. at least the 400 who downloaded it already figured that out :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, that's so cool!

Thanks for your amazing blog!!!

Normski said...

Tasty tasty tasty!!
Paul Rodgers has one of those voices that just does not seem to age - Ever!

Very enjoyable concert this.

Oldcapellon said...

Great gig !!
Thank you very much !
best greets from Germany