05 February 2011

Alice In Chains - The Palladium: Hollywood 10.06.1991

Alice In Chains 
"The Palladium"
Hollywood, CA

FM Broadcast

01  Sickman
02  It Ain't Like That
03  Put You Down
04  Would?
05  Sunshine
06  We Die Young
07  Real Thing
08  Sea of Sorrow
09  Bleed The Freak
10  Man In The Box

no covers
FLAC & MP3 @ 320K



password: bootlegtunzworld


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the mp3 option, most appreciated. On the other hand, offering shows that require registration feels like manipulation, of course it's your deal and your are free to do as you like.
Thanks for sharing the music with the masses...peace & pasta

Tunz Master said...

if you are talking about having to register at the forum to see the links the reason is very very simple.............those links were being hotlinked when they were visible and getting taken down very fast.

now they cannot be and they are staying posted. when you have thousands of boots uploaded and are trying to keep links alive so your not wasting your time re-uploading and can just upload new stuff only..............you may understand all the work that goes into this DAILY!

registering ALSO completely stopped spam for "get ur dick hard" ads and such which don't belong on my forum.

do u understand now?

Tunz Master said...

enjoy the tunes

Tunz Master said...

and, some bands like zep get taken down as soon as posted at the blog, which is why I post certain bands only over there instead of here.

[wonder if you'll come back to see if there was a reply to your comment or not.]

:) enjoy the tunz my friend

Anonymous said...

Absolutely interested in your answer and I appreciate the logic behind it.
Suffice to say I am a happy camper.
Let there be tunz to fill the world!!