01 March 2011

Tunz World 2011 Fundraiser

We do it for PBS

We do it for the kids

It takes more than just endless hours
sharing 3,000+ QUALITY bootlegs with you.

It costs money we don't have.

An "Archive Area, Radio & Forum" all


We stopped 100mb downloads a long time ago;
don't you hate 4 downloads for a 325mb file?
Now it's only 1 download at Tunz World.
That means we don't get points for you downloading,
& we pay out of pocket to have files hosted.

When you list broken links in our
"Broken Link Area"
We re-upload these usually within days.


We have "Bootleg Tunz Radio" for you to enjoy
"A Celebration of LIVE Music"


TONS of resources at the
Community Area

A "sharing" area for you to post bootlegs,
& download boots others have shared
Lossless Here
Lossy Here


If you like downloading from us
& knowing it'll sound good.

If you like ALL that we offer.

Please support us so we can grow!

After all we do it for you....
we have this music already, we're sharing.


You can sponsor us

And get some kick ass koozies too!

ps: and I gotta tip the dj contestants


Rob said...

Small donation on the way Dino but no need to send gifts again thanks as you sent before and so it'll cut down on your costs . Rob :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Dino! Just sent you a donation.
Keep up the great work on the site.

I haven't been as active for awhile now as my dad is not doing well. I will have quite a few shows for the community area is the very near future.

Long Live BTW! :)

Tunz Master said...

thank you very much

LakerCrazy said...

Dino....I'm More Then Happy To Toss A Little Lettuce....Into The "Tunz World Salad".....Now How Much Is A Late Night In The Basement....With DJ 69?

Tunz Master said...

if I can watch & film? free