12 March 2011

Don Henley - Houston Summer 1989: Houston TX 09.15.1989

covers included
FLAC & MP3 @ 320K



password: bootlegtunzworld


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this show!


bd said...

Dino, thanks!

This is an awesome post, fantastic sound, at a time in Henley's career when he was ridin' high in the saddle. A great 'Boys of Summer'. 'Tunz scores again!

diamonddave said...

Can't beat a bit of Don. Thanks a lot and keep on rockin in the free world!

greyrocker said...

Nice upload!
Don Henley has recorded some great songs away from the Eagles, and a lot of my favourites are on this, so a big 'Thank You' from me!

Anonymous said...

hi.been digging your site for along time. i did a search looking for something which brought me to you,but its not actually on your site.

so if i may,i would like to request don henley: live inside job dvd rip. i have seen it posted here and there before but it wasn't until i got the dvd that i'm now looking for it. if you happen to find it and post it-thanks in advance!