18 March 2011

Sammy Hagar - House Of Blues: Orlando, FL 09.16.1997

Sammy Hagar
House of Blues
Orlando, FL

Westwood One Broadcast CDs

Absolutely Live Concert Series

[found out tracks mislabeled after upload]
eric posted an updated setlist in comments for you
sorry have to relabel your own tracks

01 Marching To Mars
02 There's Only One Way To Rock
03 Returning Home
04 I'll Fall In Love Again
05 Salvation On Sand Hill
06 Why Can't This Be Love
07 Who Has the Right
08 Good Rockin' Tonight
09 Both Sides Now
10 Rock Candy
11 Finish What Ya Started
12 Kama
13 Cobo Wabo
14 Right Now
15 Little White Lie
16 I Can't Drive 55

no covers
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Anonymous said...

Songs are not as listed. Why Can't This Be Love is actually Little White Lie, etc

Tunz Master said...

i said that above the tracklist in the post, found that out after upload.

sorry ya gotta re-label the free music :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a nice upload... as usual :-)

Track listing from an ol skool Red Head:

1. Marching To Mars
2. One Way To Rock
3. I'll Fall In Love Again
4. Bad Motor Scooter
5. Good Rockin' Tonight
6. Little White Lie
7. Both Sides Now
8. Bo Diddley / Mockingbird
9. Finish What Ya Started
10. Right Now
11. Cabo Wabo
12. Why Can't This Be Love
13. I Can't Drive 55
14. 3 Lock Box
15. Red
16. Heavy Metal

Grazzi, Eric

Tunz Master said...

thanks eric very kind :)