11 March 2011

Westwood One: 60's At The BEEB [8 disc box set]



covers/inserts included




password: bootlegtunzworld


Andy said...

Aw shucks :-)

Thanks Dino!

Best wishes,

Andy said...

Just totaled your numbers (like speedy did)...

* 808 unique bands posted.

* 3,088 gigs posted.

Simply amazing!

Tunz Master said...

I sure didn't think this one thru when I started this thing with princess......lol :) it is incredible what Tunz World has turned into to.

Andy said...

Here are the top 30 bands, by number of posts (what...no Led Zeppelin!!! :-) ):

79 Rolling Stones
57 Eric Clapton
48 Beatles
45 Jimi Hendrix
33 Robert Plant
31 Pink Floyd
31 Rush
30 Yes
29 Who
28 AC/DC
28 Jimmy Page
26 Elton John
24 Grateful Dead
23 Neil Young
23 Paul McCartney
23 Stevie Ray Vaughan
22 Carlos Santana
21 Jethro Tull
20 Genesis
20 Prince
19 Aerosmith
19 Blue Oyster Cult
19 Elvis
19 U2
18 Allman Brothers Band
17 Alice In Chains
15 David Bowie
15 Johnny Winter
15 Nazareth
15 Oasis

Tunz Master said...

funny how it worked out that way so far, thanx

Tunz Master said...

well, this box set has been downloaded 232 times already in the 09 hrs since I posted it. amazing

Tennesseefred said...

Sweet Andy! Thank you :-). And Dino, the #'s are staggering, You have created a masterpiece on-line, an Opus!

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for this post! I have a long road trip planned ahead for next week and I'll be taking this one along. Great timing.

Joe in Ohio

Anonymous said...

I was looking for something good to download today and this looks fantastic!
Thanks for sharing it.

Kwai Chang said...

Supreme! Thank you for bringing good fortune to a world full of its opposite. Hope has not yet been forbidden so your compassion is a revered commodity in these confusing times. Stay humble and...Peace!