22 April 2011

Dixie Dregs - Lee Furr's Studio: May 30, 1978 Tucson, AZ

covers included

FLAC & MP3 @ 320K



password: bootlegtunzworld


Anonymous said...

Your once-excellent blog is annoying now. If people want to listen to your streaming broadcast why can't they just hit play, rather than be forced to hear it blaring away as soon as they click on your URL?

Tunz Master said...

we were asked by many to do that........ and if you don't want to listen to the "annoying" music that you are downloading....um use the MUTE button at the top of the page

greyrocker said...

Thanks for the Dregs. Great sound!

BTW, just hit the stop button on the radio player, it's not that difficult, surely!

Top blog!

Tunz Master said...

thanks :)

AZ Jones said...

This show brings the heat. I posted this on my blog a while back. I loved that it was from Arizona! Dino, keep posting the goods.