07 April 2011

A PHYSICAL RARITY that's for sure!

you can go [HERE] & download it



Anonymous said...

Again, I gotta register...? Won't go. No matter what. And I’m sure I speak for MILLIONS (well, maybe more like thousands). Just one more password to remember etc., etc. But again, it's your little trip here, so as Chip Monch once lamented... "Be my guest". I'll just go elsewhere.

Tunz Master said...

then go elsewhere for dead links.

whenever led zep was posted at the blog the links got deleted immeadiatly!!!

since we moved them to their own area at the community area the links have been there for 6 months.

the registration is just so the links cant be hotlinked which in turn gets them deleted very fast.

personally dont care what you do, I just know I wont & dont have to keep REUPLOADING this stuff because it says online this way.

so as one of my ex-wives lamented "WHATEVER"

Tunz Master said...

not to mention your browser will store the p/w? I dont log in anywhere after I do it the first time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation. This is a real good blog. Much like I would have if I did in fact have one myself. I know you put a lot of hard work into making it what it is, so rest easy…. I won't pester you any further. I've been coming here for years and just lurking. I will now return again into the shadows.

Tunz Master said...

sorry to come off ignorant-like.....hadn't had my coffee yet. lol

don't hide in the shadows, we need feedback to make us better & better. promise not to bite :)

Anonymous said...

Why register?
I don't want that...
Have upload this boot at anothe site.