19 September 2008

Frank Zappa - Stockholm 1973

Thanks to BUCXEPHALLUS for this one!

This album was FIRST released as an unauthorized bootleg, but ZAPPA exploited the work of the bootleggers, and he re-released those of them with musical significance as official releases ("Beat the boots" project).

The concert is from Stockholm, Sweden (Skansen), and the recording is trascribed from a TV/Radio-Show, except the track noted with * in track listing.

Frank Zappa
Stockholm 1973

Track Listings
1. Kung fu (2:14)
2. Redunzl (4:25)
3. Dupree's paradise (11:26)
4. T'Mershi Duween* (1:56)
5. Father O'blivion (20:41)

front cover only
p/w: sparkyibew

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Anonymous said...

thanks do you have anymore The Band looking for the band cental park after dark or rosevelt stadium