08 May 2011

Kansas - Sjiwa Summer Rock Festival: Baarlo, Netherlands 08.22.1981

thanx to JustDave for the upgrade!

~this is a repost & upgrade~

covers included
FLAC & MP3 @ 320K



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Bucephallus said...

Nice Contest, Kudos to all...regardless of else, I am compiling my bootlegs now, but am only 1/20th of the way done checking discs then...we'll see what you get for nothing regardless of contest.

Anonymous said...

Great thanks for this one !


Dino & Janice said...

ur welcome.....enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

P.S. please, what's the exact date of this 1981 boot?

Anonymous said...

thanks for this upload!

Scion said...

According to KANSAS fansites, this was the list of their 1981 concerts:
Aug.22.1981 Barloo, Holland Sport Park w/BOC, Foreigner, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, .38 Special, Blackfoot Recorded

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this 1
Kansas is an old Favorite
Get Well Kerry

Anonymous said...

As always thank you very much for your work. Have the show already and it´s highly recommended. Only one remark. I think this the setlist (artwork is a little bit different):

01 - Song For America
02 - Got To Rock On
03 - Paradox
04 - Point Of Know Return
05 - Dust In the wind
06 - Miracles Out Of Nowhere
07 - Loner
08 - Down The Road
09 - Portrait (He Knew)
10 - Carry On Wayward Son

All the best for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Buddy looking for one of them I believe the same year maybe 85 from Hershey Pa.
Thanks Lee

Anonymous said...

Sorry Buddy It was in 82 they opened for Crosby Stills and Nash in Hershey Pa & if you could find a copy
of CSN from that night that would be great!!
Thanks again