13 September 2008

Steve Winwood & Eric Clapton - Highclere (remaster) 2007

covers included
p/w: sparkyibew


Del said...

Eric Clapton represents probably the most generally well known example of the British Blues Boom. There are, of course many others...Mick Taylor, Peter Green, John Mayall...and it's always wonderful to hear new music, new versions, different gigs. What will we do when they have all gone? Probably say thanks. Thank you for this music. Del

oldduder said...

Dino & Princess,

Your collection is fantastic! An old friend and I were discussing the great Yes shows we attended as teens back in the '70's and it spurred me on to try to find some shows from those days to share with him (he's nontechnical but still loves the music). So thank you for your generosity and the obvious care you've taken to put together this exceptional blog. I can almost smell the Alcapuolco Gold waifting through the old hockey arena right now..ah, those were some great times. Thanks

Anonymous said...

A Gold'n Goodie
Muchly Appreciated Once Again