11 September 2008

TODAY IS 9/11! Where were you?

I was in Colorado Springs, CO when the towers fell. I cracked a half gallon of Jack as the first tower fell, and while drinking saw the plane hit the second tower. I CRIED.


Anonymous said...

I was still at work(over here in Germany)when the first plane hit the twins.
Couldn't believe it at first.
When the 2nd plane hit the other one and the third crashed into the pentagon...for the first time in my life I really thought it's the beginning of world war III.
Just saw "Fahrenheit 9/11" on the telly the other day.
Paul Simon once was singing "Still crazy after all these years".
Nuthin' more to say.
We all hope "OBAMA" will be the next president and that there will be a better world.



Dino & Janice said...

right on, far out & groovy,

well said! :)

Anonymous said...

I Was on my way to college at the time. A 7-11 clerk said something big was going down, some people from another country flew a plane into a building on purpose. I was cynical and thought well, we should've seen it coming given our "we're the world police" attitude. None of my classes were canceled despite the fact I still kind of felt it was history in the making. The students felt it was something, none of the teachers seemed to at the time.

Anonymous said...

I was at work, my last day for a while because the next day I would be up north on a fishing trip.
I was finishing up some work so I was the last one in the job trailer. I walked in and there was complete silence just the sound of an A.M. radio. The foreman of the crew looked up and said "we've been hit" I had no idea what that meant. I listened to the radio still trying to comprehend it. The rest of the day was very quiet.

Anonymous said...

I was working in DC, on the top floor of a 10-story building. We saw the Towers hit on television, then looked out the window and saw smoke rising from the Pentagon.

They evacuated the city, and on the walk home form the metro, military jets kept racing over, barely above the treeline.

Anonymous said...

I was working... and saw everything on the telly here im my country(Brazil).

Incredible!!! Stupid things happenigs..

slugs said...

I was in Bangkok, had just come back to my hotel from the massage and a great Italian meal (you get tired of Thai food when in Thailand!); saw the telly and went back to Soi Cowboy....

Anonymous said...

i was at Sting's House in Tuscany, Italy. No Joke, i won a this "prize" on the official Website (i'm a Fan Club Member since 1986). Everything is on the official "...all this time" - DVD. What a sad day !