04 June 2009

Billy Squier - Supergroups In Concert 1981

covers included
p/w: sparkyibew


Jody's Garage said...

Billy Squier rocks.
Thanks Dino-

Anonymous said...

thanx for your time and effort to build this wonderful blog and thanx for billy squier show!

eea said...

Great show! I bought the KBFH release of Squier's unbroadcast 1984 show when they were releasing some of their archives a few years back. This 1981 show certain shows a more raw and hungry Billy Squier. Way better of the two in my opinion. Thanks for sharing this and all of the shows on your site. As the world of bandwidth continues to increase, please consider FLAC as a distribution format. Either way, many of thee offerings are indeed rare. All of your effort is welcome.

Anonymous said...

This will make my day, thanks for the memories.