30 July 2009

Tom Petty - Rock Goes To College 1980 [FM]

covers included
p/w: sparkyibew


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Anonymous said...

Musically very tight but there is little or no stereo separation so overall this comes over a bit flatter than the content deserves. I think I may have been at this show unless he also played here in 78, although I don't remember [70's memory loss?!] anything of the 'rock goes to college' b/cast aspect. Tickets are somewhere in the attic - will have to check when I am next up there. (The social secretary at the Poly in the late 70's was really good at getting relatively 'unknown' US bands like Little Feat, Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers, John Cale etc to stop off for a warm up gig before playing London. Can't remember his name, but what a great job he did!)

Most interesting however is that there seem to be very few recordings of Luna, which was one of his great live softer tracks (cf Bob Seger 'Turn The Page'??) - the only other live version I know of is from the 'Official Live Bootleg' from a few years earlier, tracks from which were on the b-sides of his early 12" releases. (My vinyl copy has taken a bit of a hammering - otherwise I would share it - well worth seeking out!). If anyone knows of any other live recordings of Luna (including a decent rip of the official live bootleg) I'd love to hear them.

Many thanks as always! H

skip said...

wonderful stuff - thank you!