24 June 2010


This is an email I received recently..................

Thnx Dino! I have a question for you.  You seem to be well deep in the rare treasure and classics- I used to have a copy ( a tape) of some unreleased Doors tracks- one of them was a tune/ poem  put to music called- Dead poets.. Starts off.."Lets go to the grave - dig up history- ..It was pretty amazing and I cant find it anywhere. It seemed to be really alternative sounding music - sort of like Kraftwerk - very ahead of their time- with one of the best Morrison poems I've ever heard.  It baffles me that I cant find it but i remember it well.  Wonder if You have it or heard of it. If not- maybe u can put the word out. It truly is a treasure.

Rock On,




Luuk said...

Just trying to be helpfull so if I am wrong, I am sorry.
I remember there was an LP with poems of Jim Morrison set to music by the surviving members of The Doors.
Could it be "American prayer" (Elektra 5E-502) from 1978?

Anonymous said...

Look for the Sunset Studios Demos.....could be there.


Anonymous said...

I know I had this, and it's not American Prayer. I can't find it at all- haven't seen it in years, but I loved it as a teenager. If anyone can find this strange gem, please share it with the community!