18 June 2010

Sheryl Crow - The Sting 10.17.1994

Sheryl Crow
The Sting, New Britain, CT
October 17, 1994

FM Broadcast

01 intro
02 Can't Cry Any More
03 Love Is A Good Thing
04 Leaving Las Vegas
05 Run Baby Run
06 The Na Na Song > I've Got A Feeling
07 Dyer Maker
08 Strong Enough
09 Full Moon Cowgirl
10 I Shall Believe
11 All I Wanna Do

no covers, but some photos
mp3/vbr -v0/86mb


password: bootlegtunzworld


Anonymous said...

The Sting was a GREAT venue. It held about 1500, maybe 2000 people. The Sting was only around for about 5 years, however they recorded everyone that played there. From Jeff Healey to Iron Butterfly to Widespread Panic to Black Sabbath and Sheryl Crow. And they're all great sounding shows. 106 WHCN used to broadcast the shows about a month after they happened. Good times for sure!!

BigScott1962 said...

Not to be crude, but as long as I am in posession of a face, Sheryl Crow will never, ever, under any circumstances, lack for a place to sit

Tunz Master said...

THAT IS FAR OUT! dude.........get in fucking line! Take a number like the rest of us. LMFAO