11 February 2011

Musical Sources of Inspiration for Led Zeppelin Songs

Wanna know where the inspiration came from 
that Led Zeppelin used & turned into CLASSICS!

Who did it before them?


If you haven't been there yet?

Then you need to check this stuff out,

it is [HERE]


Anonymous said...

WHY do you continue to direct us to places where we must first 'sign up' to participate? I fuckin' swear... you're as bad as fuckin' PayPal. Been on the web for too long. That’s what the matter is with you.

Anonymous said...


This section is incredible. Listening to each version of these songs is fascinating.


Tennesseefred said...

Anonymous 1: Quit griping and sign up. Dino spends lots of time & hard work on this site for all to enjoy quality live music. Go somewhere else if you don't like it here.

Tunz Master said...

FIRST OF ALL~ I'm giving updates here at the blog about what is going on at the community area.........

SECOND~ you must register to see the links or to post there for a simple reason...............we were getting spam bots posting adult shit for keeping your cock hard and such when you didn't have to register, and this is a music site not a "keep you cock hard" site. So registration is needed....and shit! Now there aren't any "keep your cock hard" posts!!!!! Also, at first people we "hot-linking" our download links there and they were getting deleted very fast....do you know what's involved in uploading? It really blows having to re-upload stuff because the links at being hot-linked all over the web & deleted. Now that isn't happening!

Also the Led Zep, & Van Morrison & such was getting deleted as fast as I was posting the links here at the blog, so they are being posted in the community area & now the links are holding.

I have approx 3,000 quality boots posted, this took YEARS & YEARS to do for you to have, ALL for FREE. It has taken me hours & hours, days & years of constant daily work to build this site, & to learn.....I think I know what I'm doing at this point.

Maybe you should email me or ask what is going on if you don't understand why we are dong what we are doing? NOT LASH out at me like a child, not to mention can't even put your name with your comment.

And "I've been on the web too long" you say???? YES I have! and I have learned much more than you apparently.

Thanks for the comment you left, but maybe you should just hit & run......because I would rather not hear for visitors like you.

Tunz Master said...

@ Bill> you are very welcome, leave a reply for Andy.....he's put a LOT of hard work into this. :)

Andy said...

@ Bill,
Thanks for your kind words...it's nice to get feedback (positive or negative). I love to explore the roots of bands and Led Zeppelin is has a rich catalogue to draw from.

Once I've exhausted this I think I'll move on to The Stones and The Beatles. They, too, drew from a rich legacy.

Anyway, thanks for the comment...much appreciated!

Andy (Hrothgar)

Anonymous said...

"That’s what the matter is with you." you're an asshole, that's what's wrong with you buddy. Dino does tons of work for us & you're going to bitch? Fuck off!

Sam from Houston

speedymjb said...

I find it reprehensible that anyone would complain about having to take a few moments to sign up and log in to have accrss to hundreds of hours of free music. Dino has spent years building this site -- receiving no compensation - so that thousands of folks have access to the largest collection of high quality bootlegs anywhere on the web. Rather than complain or whine, why don't you contribute something to help this site continue to grow. And if you can't, then please go elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I'd been drinking and I became frustrated with the technical rig-a-maroll and got pissed off. You have a very nice little blog here and you put a lot of time into it as anyone can clearly see. Again, I am most apologetic. It'll never happen again.
As far as my name... what do you need my name for? For what purpose? An ambush or a drive-by perhaps?

Tunz Master said...

I accept ur apology, thank you & I understand if you were drunk, been there done that :)

it isn't just you, I get this ALL the time, it's relentless sometimes & it's hurtful to be honest.

when you put so much time & sweat into something that is for others & they complain......it just really, really bothers ya.

I have this music already for the most part, I am "sharing". I also have a woman at this end complaining sometimes i'm on the computer too much, but I keep doing it to give freely & people have to bitch??? it finally wore me down & I bitched back.

as far as "Anonymous" & commenting on ur name.....my only point was it's always "Anonymous" that complains....never a Bill or Tom or Sally Sue???

No I don't do drivebys LMAO I'm white & in the burbs.....

paulc said...

absolutely brilliant. Been listening to Zep for decades, and never heard these tracks before. :)

Just some comments to make you feel better tunzmaster, don't think a few bad comments means everyone is against you, what you are doing, and how you are doing it.

This is my favourite internet site, and I'm continually referring the url onto my mates