20 April 2011


for those of you that are hanging out on Tunz Radio,
as you can see for some time too....


We are continuing to improve for you

"The Tunz World Visitors"

[Tunz Radio does have a "mute" option in the player]



Volkemon said...

To the Tune Master Dino -
Thank you SO very much for the mute option being there, and your willingness to post about it. I generally surf muted to avoid audio grenades.

This one remembers the 'mute' button status, and when you next return, will be muted. I <3 that !!

But I enjoy the live radio so much I hit unmute. Good live Clapton playing now...

Tennesseefred said...

Dig it Dino!

Tunz Master said...

hopefully I won't offend anyone with the music auto playing.....but, to be honest I have had numerous requests for this option of auto-playing due to many or our visitors being unable to get the hang of the "playlist" media downloads to tune-in to Tunz Radio.

a pop-out player coming soon also. :)

hope you all enjoy TUNZ WORLD!