26 May 2008

Grateful Dead - Taping The Shows


The Grateful Dead allowed their fans to tape their shows like several other bands during the time.

For many years the tapers set up their microphones wherever they could. The eventual forest of microphones became a problem for the official sound crew. Eventually this was solved by having a dedicated taping section located behind the soundboard, which required a special "tapers" ticket.

The band allowed sharing of tapes of their shows, as long as no profits were made on the sale of their show tapes. Recently, there was some dispute over what recordings archive.org could host on their site. Currently, all recordings are hosted, though soundboard recordings are not available for download, rather in a streaming format.

Give it a REST, only bands that LOVE fans allow this sort of thing............


SOME BANDS LOVE US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


laughingwolf said...

yup, those were the dayz... and BANDZ worthy of support :)

Anonymous said...

Los Lobos is another band that allows and encourages their fans to record.

angelcatrom said...

Thanks, Dino! I'm not a "Dead" fan per se, but my ex Dave is. He says he has 200 gig of Dead bootlegs, so why not a bit more?

Monk said...

If you ever want to grab the streaming soundboards from the GD section of archive.org, then just DL a stream grabber like Orbit Downloader or something similar. Orbit integrates fine in IE but doesn't integrate in Firefox.. at least not my version.

Pearl Jam also allows taping, though no sticks, poles, or soundboard feeds allowed.

Anonymous said...

To dwnld streams at the archive, right click the VBR M3U (Hi-Fi) link and save the M3U file. Open with Foobar(free) and convert-super easy.