16 May 2008

Richard Thompson Band - A Little Comedy, A Little Agony 1996

Richard Thompson & Band
"A Little Comedy, A Little Agony"
Live at the Royal Albert Hall
London, 15 May 1996

Disc 1
1. When I get to the border
2. Walking on a wire
3. Baby don't know what to do with herself
4. Hide it away
5. Razor dance
6. Bank vault in heaven
7. I want to see the bright lights tonight
8. Devonside
9. Put it there Pal
10. Don't sit on my Jimmy Shands
11. All Bowlly's in heaven
12. Cold kisses
13. 1952 Vincent Black lightning
14. Wood of Darney
15. Dog eat dog in Denmark

Disc 2
1. Sam Jones
2. The ghost of you walks
3. Valerie
4. Business on you
5. Shoot out the lights
6. Wall of death
7. I feel so good
8. Tear stained letter
9. She cut off her long silken hair
10. Dark end over my heart
11. Hokey pokey

bonus :
(Richard Thompson solo,
GLR radio 9 May 1996)
12. Cold kisses
13. The ghost of you walks
14. Hide it away
15. Beeswing

covers included
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
p/w: sparkyibew


Anonymous said...

needs part 3 for complete show

Dino & Janice said...

Part 3 is posted, sorry about that? Had my head up my behind again I guess. LOL

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great Richard Thompson boot! Lots of great things to discover in here!

angelcatrom said...

Youse guys is the best!!!!!!- Romy

Anonymous said...

Richard Thompson- an acoustic eveng with (and David Byrne)Just because i noticed you were asking for Richard Thompson Boots (this came from Guitars101) Check it out, its not bad quality. Will have a scout about the net, and see if i can find anything else for you.

Anonymous said...

ok not sure of the quality of this, but it loks like a steppenwolf boot. Download and try for yourself (i'm not a fan)
By the way, my comments don't need to be put up- just that i don't have e-mails at the moment (bad server)