16 May 2008

Richard Thompson Band - Live At The Bayou 11/7/1988

Richard Thompson
Live At The Bayou
Georgetown, DC
Nov 7 1988
(from the WHFS Arcades).

Full band and this show kicks ass!

Broadcast on WHFS 99.1FM in Annapolis, MD on Feb 3 1989.
Taped by Camarillo Brillo on a Maxell UDS-II 90 Minute cassette.

Got this show from Camarillo Brillo to fill a request for Anthony.
Visit his site.....IT'S GREAT!

01 Intro from Bob Here of WHFS
02 A Bone Through Her Nose
03 Shoot Out The Lights
04 Two Left Feet
05 Al Bowlly's In Heaven
06 Pharaoh
07 Instrumental Ditty
08 Ghost In The Wind
09 Banter
10 Squeezebox Instrumental
11 You Can't Win
12 I Still Dream
13 Man In Need
14 Really in Love
15 Tear Stained Letter

16 We Gotta Get Out Of This Place

no covers
p/w: sparkyibew


La Piazza Gancio said...

This is worth your time for Thompson's seventeenth-century take on the Animals alone.

Thank you!

Fran G. Lara said...

I'm afraid this link is broken. How sad.