09 September 2009

Aerosmith - Done Live With Mirrors 3/12/1986 [FM]

Done Live With Mirrors
The Centrum
Worcester, MA.

Track listing:
Back In The Saddle
Same Old Song And Dance
Big Ten Inch Record
My Fist, Your Face
Last Child
No Surprise
She's On Fire
The Hop
Sweet Emotion
Walk This Way
Let the Music Do The Talking
Dream On
Toys In The Attic
Train Kept A Rollin'
Rockin' Pneumonia

Recorded during the initial leg of Aerosmith's Done With Mirrors North American tour, Done With Mirrors Live is pulled from the Boston based band's concert performance near their home turf, in Worcester.

The taped show was broadcast nationally over FM radio airwaves via Westwood One, in conjunction with the In Concert series.

The high flyin' Aero performance was staged at the Worcester Centrum, on March 12th, 1986. Mixing new songs from DWM with classic seventie's numbers, such as the wicked wild west, pistol packin' concert opener, "Back in the Saddle", plus "Same Old Song and Dance", "Last Child", "Walk This Way", a rare live performance of the wild "No Surprize", "Toys in the Attic", and Steven Tyler's big power ballad "Dream On", the bad boys from beantown kicked out the inspired set with energy.

Three new songs from the live set, the defiant "My Fist, Your Face", "The Hop", and the Led Zep-influenced "She's on Fire", are featured on the B-side of Aerosmith's limited edition "Darkness" EP, from 1986.

I found this boot in an unmarked folder on my hard-drive. As I searched the net for artwork I found conflicting titles for it and only 15 tracks listed, but I have 16? Anyone have any concrete info on this show?

(BTW - Really digging the Aerosmith "Done Live With Mirrors" boot! The last track (the extra one you spoke of) is not part of the concert, but a studio outtake of "Rockin' Pneumonia & The Boogie Woogie Flu". Great song! Loved the original by Huey "Piano" Smith & The Clowns and the 70's cover by Johnny Rivers. The Aero version kicks too - thanks!! courtesy ZED!)

covers included
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zep said...

Excellent! Thanks Dino

Dino & Janice said...

would love to know more info on this one & why I have 16 tracks instead of the 15 listed everywhere else?

Anonymous said...

Hi there -- JCGM97 here. Glad to hear you like my Worcester '86 piece, first posted on guitars101 a few years ago. It has 16 tracks because I wanted it to have 16 ;) The ROCKIN' PNEUMONIA studio track comes up under the fade out of the last live song, kinda like how a soundtrack song creeps up on ya during the rolling of the credits at the end of a movie. It was meant to be a 'bonus track' on the boot.