10 September 2009

The Rolling Stones - Seventh Of July 1990 [FM]

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Colin Gillman said...

Yay! At long last!! I was at this show!!! Thanks so much.

normski said...

Ooooooh! This should be an absolute cracker if it's the one I think it is. This was a great night. Can't wait to get this burnt!!! Great job you are doing here Dino, really appreciate all your efforts. One of my fav' sites to drop at regularly. Thanks again for sharing.

Dino & Janice said...

very welcome folks.....thanx to Rene for sending this gem in to us!

Normski said...

Update, Yep, thanks to Rene indeed. Have just burnt and listened to it, and its great. Lovely to have a full live show to listen to. Thorough recommend to anyone who likes the Stones - - that'll be thousands then!! All the best, Normski

Normski said...

Now look here you ungrateful buggers. There must have been loads of you downloading this. It's a fab gig so just remember to say thanks to Renee and to Dino. It's not much to ask in fact it's just plain good manners. So whenever you grab say thanks.
Incidentally this tour was used for the making of 'Live At The Max' which is a damned fine DVD in itself. If your lucky enough to see it in an imax cinema it is utterly awesome. I saw it with about 500 screaming spaniards in Valencia and it was just like being at the gig, they went nuts! Brill night!!!!

Mal said...

I was there as well, took the then future mrs M to be. Laughed at all the people going to a Stones concert in shell suits,little knowing that I would be just like them one day. Thank you D & J for taking the time to share this