23 April 2010

Rush - Universe Divided 05.28.1979

covers/inserts included
mp3/vbr -v0/215mb


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peskypesky said...

can somebody post a comment on the audio quality of this, por favor?

Mark Edward Lee said...

So 'peskypesky' you must be new here. I don't personally know the 'friend' who keeps this great blog, but I can tell you that I've been stopping by here for a while now and have enjoyed alot of great shows posted. Each has had superb sound and artwork when available.
They are also kind enough to read and reply to our emails. So, yes this show sounds great. You're gonna love it! Let everyone know whatcha think too! Cheers my griend, MARK in CANADA.

peskypesky said...

thanks for the info on the sound. and yeah, i forgot that just about everything hereabouts has really good sound. thank you, Dino!!!

Andy said...

For any newcomers to this boot...the quality is exceptionally good in my opinion. My version is called "Black Forest."

Details of the concert below:

Black Forest


Media: 2 CDr
Time: 68:06, 48:47
Catalog: Digital Reproductions DR 52879-3
Source: Soundboard
Quality: See Reviews below
Date: 05-28-79
Location: Stadthalle, Offenbach, Germany

Track Listing

Disc One:

Anthem 4:19

A Passage To Bangkok 3:58

By-Tor And The Snow Dog 5:42

Xanadu 11:57

*Something for Nothing 4:32*

The Trees 4:59

*Cygnus X-1 9:31*

Hemispheres 19:47

Closer to the Heart 3:21

Disc Two:

A Farewell to Kings 5:42

La Villa Strangiato 10:40

2112 19:08

Working Man (surf version) 3:38

Bastille Day 1:39

In the Mood 2:44

Drum Solo 5:14


and Reviews:

from Ron's Rush RoIO Guide (A):

This recently-unearthed gem has been the subject of a lot of controversy. First of all, it wasn't even widely know that Rush played this date. But there's no doubt that he's greeting Frankfurt during the intro. Next, the setlist itself raises some questions. It's common knowledge that Rush dropped "Something For Nothing" and "Cygnus X-1" for most of the German shows on this tour. Yet, they appear here. When this show was first circulated, it was without these two songs. On recent releases, they have been added to the mix. A splice is clearly audible where the addition occurs, yet it sounds like these songs belong in the mix, as they blend well with the rest of the show. Legend has it that this show was leaked by Skip Gildersleeve himself. Originally, SFN and CX1 were cut so that the show would fit on a 90-minute tape. Later, upon request, Skip sent out the two missing songs. Hence the splice. Decide for yourself whether you believe all of this. Personally, based on the sound alone, I think the songs belong. (If they don't, it raises the question of where they came from. Clearly, they are from a board, but they are definitely NOT from the 2 other known boards from this tour – 11/20/78 and 12/2/78. So if they aren't from this show, that suggests the existence of yet another soundboard show from this tour. Perhaps time will tell).

Soundwise, the show is incredible. It's right up there with the Tucson and Detroit shows, and you all know how good THAT is. The performance is also outstanding, especially since we are treated to an uncut version of "Hemispheres." A definite must-have!

Andy said...

I have this as "Black Forest" (see link below). Sound quality is exceptional in my opinion.