12 October 2010

Santana & McLaughlin - Chicago 09.01.1973

covers included


password: bootlegtunzworld


LiborioFriki said...

happy you liked my posts enough to copy them... why would you put a password on it if it has been on my blog for a couple of weeks, why not just copy and paste my links?

Tunz Master said...

had no idea where this came from.....almost all of our music is sent in by our visitors. when they find something that is QUALITY they send it in to us to post.

don't mean to step on any toes. and we always use our own links, it is considered a no-no to post others peoples links anyways.

I would be happy to add you to our "friends" list if you would like if you post only bootlegs & no commercially released stuff? let me know?

peskypesky said...

it never ceases to amaze me when bloggers get all possessive about bootlegs they distribute. i don't know who this LiborioFriki is, but not digging his energy.

Tunz Master said...

bad energy huh? LOL