12 October 2010

Santana & McLaughlin - Santa Monica 09.04.1973

covers included


password: bootlegtunzworld


Anonymous said...

Lovely site. Why is there a password for every file? Can you turn off that particular feature?

Tunz Master said...

Thank you & as far as p/w protection it is needed or there won't be files to download.

On the handful of times I've tried without p/w the files are deleted almost as fast as I upload them. The "hosts" have automated bots that check your files for copyrighted music, and delete them immediately if it is music regardless of whether or not it is copyrighted or commercially released music. They do not contact me, they just delete the file! This has happened time after time.

With OVER 2,500 boots posted I barely have the time to do what I do much less repost something I uploaded hours earlier because a "bot" deleted my file.

With the files p/w protected the bots cannot open the rar file and automatically delete it.

That is also why we have a "lix-in" buffer between us & the host, we are too well known and when folks come to the files from us they also get deleted fast.

So to answer your question about turning it off, no I won't. Sorry but this is way too much daily work to be whacked for no reason without a password.

Anonymous said...

Yes that password is SO annoying, I mean it must take all of half a second for me to copy/paste it ! Jeez some people.

LiborioFriki said...

Or forget the password and get it from http://musictravellerstwo.blogspot, where it was originally posted without password... everytime you see a piece of artwork that says it was made by LiborioFriki (Me) it means that it was originally posted in this way (I do not claim ownership of the shows or anythin like it) on my blog... for the reat, I do love this blog and have downloaded tons of shit from here, and dont find the password feature annoying at all

Tunz Master said...

and there is some QUALITY stuff at your site! that's why it gets sent in to us I suppose, cuz we deal in "ONLY" quality.......I have added you to our friends places. :)