08 January 2011

Roger Miller - Birchmere: Alexandria VA 1991

Thanks to LAKER CRAZY for sharing!

covers included


password : bootlegtunzworld


iggy said...

Hey D&P. Thanks to you and Laker Crazy for this wonderful Roger Miller post. He was one of my heros, and I've never found a live show of his. You have made my day. All the best to you.


Tunz Master said...

laker posted it in the community area, I snagged it from there.

u may want to register & download some gems for there too :)

Alex said...

I got this from the community area too. I like it! Thanks Laker and Dino!

Normski said...

Well played Laker. This is a rip roaring great gig. You are left in no doubt that Roger Miller had a great sense of hunour.

Nice set list and good cover job.