03 September 2008

Yes - Nine Voices In Chicago 11/21/2002

covers included
p/w: sparkyibew


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one. Looks very interesting. Do you happen to know if this is soundboard or super audience recording ?

All the best,


Zep said...

Thanks! This is a lovely boot

yves said...

What a sound ! I'm totally speechless... but can manage to write though... Thank you so very much for this album ! ! !

relayer said...

sounds like a very good aud boot judging by the clapping near the mics.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dino & Princess,

Many thanks for this beautiful concert! Be well, DBC

peskypesky said...

this sounds like a very good audience recording. i highly recommend it. and i thank the hosts of this great blog for sharing!