26 June 2009


Shortly we will be doing a COMPLETE site overhaul. Checking links, re-upping bootlegs on dead links, etc. Bear with us please...........this will start in a week or two.

During this process we will still be posting new stuff too!

Thanx for your continued support!

D & P


Lodger said...

Always on the move both technically and musically.
Well done, Dino !
Looking forward to visiting the naw site !!
Cheers !!!

peskypesky said...

Awesome news. Thank you in advance.

Jimi said...

Dino. This is a fantastic site. I love all the wonderful rare music available. Thank you so much for you incredible site!!

Dino & Janice said...

Give us time, between work & the doggie & the little lady & smoking & beer we'll get there.

whobynumbers said...

WE are the ones who have to thank someone very, very much here, Dino.
Thank you very, very much!!!
Go, Dino, Go!