30 November 2010

The Vapors - Guildford Civic Hall: BBC Rock Hour 1981

The Vapors

Live at The Civic Hall
Guildford, Surrey 11.2.81

Source : FM Broadcast

Tracklisting :
01 News At Ten
02 Johnny's In Love Again
03 Sixty Second Interval
04 Jimmie Jones
05 Turning Japanese
06 Daylight Titans
07 Magnets
08 Isolated Case
09 Letter From Hiro
10 Trains
11 Live At The Marquee
12 Prisoners
13 Civic Hall
14 Bunkers

front cover only


password: bootlegtunzworld


Anonymous said...

What a diamond in the rough!I DIG the Vapors and this is the 1st boot I've ever seen.
Thanks, Thanks very much

Tunz Master said...

first one for me too....enjoy

knownote said...

I found this the other day on a private blog and now it's show up all over the place! Lots of folks I guess were eager for something live from this band. I liked them and thought they broke up too early.
Over at my 80's blog I posted a cleaned up version. By clean I mean, I took out the static pops from the promo LP it was ripped from. You can come over there and grab it if you want without the static.

Anonymous said...

I was the one who started this whole VAPORS live thing when I originally transfered this show to MP3, uploaded it and posted the link to a few websites.
Some people "stole" my download, uploaded it somewhere else and posted the links on their websites, but hey, that's the internet!!!

I've got another one of THE VAPORS recorded live in Boston (including an unreleased track!) which I might upload soon to where I originally posted my first VAPORS upload....

Tunz Master said...

"STOLE" your download?

sounds more like you GAVE it to them by posting it on the internet.

I could care less if our links are shared, re-uploaded, whatever as long as the fans get to enjoy the bands & this music gets out there.

Not to mention, unless you are the band how can someone STEAL music from you that isn't even yours to begin with?

This always amazes me.

If you don't want to share "your copy" of a band don't put it on the internet on bootlegs sites.