08 February 2011

QC @ Tunz World

other's call themselves "Quality"
we just are...

The Premier Quality Bootleg Trading Site

***please remember this when posting your boots for sharing***
(let's try to have the BEST community download area)

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D & P's
Bootleg Tunz World

PS> & it all started with a rockin' Dog


LakerCrazy said...

Many Years Ago...While Driving On The.."Internet Hwy"...I Stumbled Into A Little Place Called..."D&P's Bootleg Tunz World"....And There I Found...."Pure Gold"..In The Form Of Some Of The Finest Bootleg Concerts...Known To Man!...And After All These Many Years...Dino"The Tunz Master"..Has Never Compromised In His Commitment To Posting Only The Finest "Quality" Bootlegs!So Before You're About To ShareOne Of Your Bootlegs...Just Ask Yourself One Question...Is This Bootleg...The VERY BEST I Have...Or That Is Out There!..And Remember Here At Dino's Bootleg Tunz World.."Quality Is Job One"!

katNC said...

The Quality Goes in Before the Name Goes On!

Tunz Master said...

oh yeah!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Well, at least the site you're griping about only carries FLAC files...hence the name "Quality."

Perhaps you would be better suited to doing likewise instead of initiating this silly intramural taunting.

Tunz Master said...

At least I'm not "Anonymous" with what I say...... and if fucking mp3's are quality sounding enough for the bands to sell their music in that format they are good enough for me.

so what you're saying is you like shit just cuz it's in flac? thats stupid.

Tunz Master said...

that was rude of me & I apologize. just to point something out to you, Dave posted thousands of boots in mp3 format at G101 for years, so I guess he's into them also.

and I wasn't slamming his site, I was kinda making a joke. But thousands check us daily for quality sounding boots, not quality format.

and we do post a lot of flac if its available.

Anonymous said...

Apology accepted.

I wasn't slamming the work you do, but merely trying to point out that Dave does do a good job and that taunting him doesn't really benefit anyone.

You should keep doing what you do and keep making people happy. That's what it is all really about, otherwise why bother?