29 March 2011

Fleetwood Mac - Trod Nossel Studios: Wallingford CT 09.23.1975

this is going around as "who's the new girl"?

but this here bootleg has more songs

Fleetwood Mac
September 23, 1975 
Trod Nossel Studios,
Wallingford, CT

01. Get Like You Used To Be
02. Station Man
03. Spare Me A Little Of Your Love
04. Rhiannon
05. Why
06. Landslide
07. Over My Head
08. I'm So Afraid
09. Oh Well
10. The Green Manalishi (With The Two Prong Crown)
11. World Turning
12. Blue Letter
13. Hypnotized

no covers
FLAC & MP3 @ 320K



password: bootlegtunzworld


Tennesseefred said...

Freakin' Rocking!!! Thanks Dino!!! Get this any F. Mac Fans!

Anonymous said...

Compared to "Who's The New Girl", this not only includes one more song (Get Like You Used To Be)but also is much improved sound quality (at least from the version I previously had). Thanks for this upgrade.

Anonymous said...

I actually prefer the loose-ness of this to their studio LPs. Awesome performance & fantastic sound quality, a real must-have. Many thanks!

mac23 said...

Thank you for this! I used to hear some of these tracks played on 'PLR in New Haven back in the day. I think that this version of 'Rhiannon' is my all-time favorite.